Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, surrounded with music from her mother María Antonietta, a Dominican singer, and her older sister Huayna, a guitarist and composer, and from the land itself, where babies learn to dance even before they can walk. During her childhood and adolescence she sang in choirs, or as soloist, played the piano, violin and some percussions.

“Sometimes during Sundays afternoons, my father would grab the ‘tambora’ (a tambourine) and start to play the rhythm of a merengue. I would follow, either playing the ‘güira’ or singing, mom would come half-dancing, half-singing, and my sister would either play the guitar or the piano. Or some other days we would invite musician friends over, mom would cook a huge ‘sancocho’ (Dominican dish), and we would jam until late singing and playing from merengue, to jazz, to bolero, to oldies… it only mattered that we had fun. Those evenings are without a doubt among my favorite growing-up memories. ”

Being also interested in other art forms, she majored in Architecture and Photography, after which she lived in Spain, Italy and Germany. While in Germany, she lived in Frankfurt, singing in several music projects in Spanish, Portuguese and English. She is currently back in the Dominican Republic.

As a main singer in bands as well as in duets, she mixes her love for music, joyful smile, Caribbean moves and all her Latin passion to bring you an intimate listening experience to make you feel warm and welcome.